Available offices 97 sq.m., 100 sq.m.,143 sq.m.,194 sq.m.,215 sq.m., 643 sq.m.

International Business Centre Le Roi

single brand for the best companies


"Le Roi" business center offers the entire range of services appropriate for office space rent, which meet the highest requirements and are developed to ensure maximum comfort, safety, convenience of work for tenants, visitors, and clients.

Lobby services

The reception hall of the office building is located at the ground floor of the building, near the central entrance, and it responsible for:

  • - internal phone connection on behalf of delivery service, visitors and clients with tenants;
  • - reception and distribution of phone calls into tenants’ offices;
  • - leading visitors, sending postal communications and advertising materials;
  • - delivery of parcels, light packages, and letters, and courier service within the city of Chisinau.

The reception hall also serves as a room for exhibitions.


There is a comfortable, futuristic-style cafe at the ground floor of the office complex, where a light breakfast or full lunch can be ordered, where people can rest in a calm atmosphere, or informal negotiations with clients and partners may be staged. The cafe can be easily transformed into a large conference room.


There is a comfortable underground parking lot for employees of tenant companies, and a supervised parking area in open air for visitors in front of the office center.

Online and Telecommunication

  • - access to the Internet, from two providers;
  • - cable television;
  • - availability of phone numbers, phone connection, and phone devices.


  • - Daily cleaning inside the building and on the adjacent area;
  • - Cleaning inside the rented space;
  • - Keeping the area around the building clean and orderly.


The office building is provided with a system of technical security, anti-fire security and alarm in all office rooms. Also, any suspicious activities are monitored and the fire alarm connects instantly and directly with the universal assistance service 911.

Any problems associated with the maintenance of spaces (repairs, fitting, cleaning, security) have been assumed by the company that runs the building. For detailed information about "Le Roi" center, spaces and prices, it is necessary to get in touch with the sales department.


The information on our site is of informative nature only. You can find more detailed information, including that about the provision of services and the possibility of their use, by contacting our employees by phone numbers from the “Contacts” section.